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Cheques Management

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Editorial review


Daniel Ángel Romero Senior editor

Cheques Management is a program that will let you control your incoming and outgoing checks.

The program shows an easy-to-use interface, that will let the users enter all the important information about the checks that they have received, and the ones that they have signed. It is also possible to build a 'contacts' database, that can be used for adding information to the checks entries.
It is possible to define as many contacts categories as you want. With the information that the database stores, the program can prepare reports that can be saved to your hard disk, or printed, to control your checks balance. This way, the users will always be able to know if the bank accounts have enough funds to pay all the checks you have signed, or if you will need to claim to any of your customers for a check that could not be paid, for any reason. The program offers a feature that let the users make a backup of the databases, in any moment.

The evaluation version of this program will just allow to manage up to five outgoing cheques and up to five incoming cheques. It is possible to unlock the program by buying it.


  • It is very easy to use.


  • When running the program, the legend that appears when you hover on the system tray icon will show the name of the program in Italian. The main menu window is titled "Checques Management".
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trusted DOWNLOAD 3.6 MB

Publisher's description

Cheques Management 3.0 is the complete solution for the bank checks management. It allows to store and search the data of all the incoming and outgoing cheques and of the related operations (endorsements and deposits).

Thanks to Cheques Management 3.0 will be possible to go up in every moment to your cheques starting from any field (for example from the cheque number). It will be also possible to control and monitor the total amount of the outgoing and incoming cheques, using the reports.

Cheques Management 3.0 has a simple GUI, nice and easy to use by every user.
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